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The Day After Sandy

Well, we made it.  Here on our little island, our part sustained what appears to be the least damage.  Just a few blocks away, to the north, going into Wildwood proper, the flooding is pretty severe.  We were out this morning to take pictures, survey the area.

We never lost power, which is a miracle.  Fortunately Sandy moved a lot quicker than anticipated, and hit us prior to high tide.  We were prepared to take on water, and had moved many items from our living room toward the back of the apartment.  Then we hunkered down.  As the winds shrieked around us and the rain pelted our place, we waited for the storm surge.  It didn’t come.  And then I fell asleep.  Is that anti-climactic or what? You really expected me to stay up all night? C’mon now….

So here are some photos from this morning, from Wildwood Crest & Wildwood proper, just over the “Crest” line.  The video was shot at the end of Heather Road at the beach.  The winds were still gusting to approximately 50 mph.  So I was channeling my best Cantore.  You’ll be able to find more photos as I put them up on Instagram.

and now the video.

thanks to everyone who kept in touch via twitter, text & FB to check in on us.  it really made a difference during those “iffy” times.