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Catching Chickens in 2017

Rather than bore you with an introspective year end wrap up, I’m going to bore you with 2016, My Year in Rocky GIFs. (I love the Rocky franchise for a variety of reasons, but have a penchant for Rocky 4)

Started the 2016  like this:

Winters can be tough here at the shore on several levels, but I was good:

And then spring rolled around:

And sent me reeling a bit:

And I looked like this quite often:

And had several weeks of this:


But spring turned into summer & I kept going:

Don’t get me wrong, there were some really fun times too:

Fall arrived, and was good, all things considered.

but honestly, most of the year felt like I was waiting, marking time.

My “goal” for 2017 is fairly simple:

I just want to catch my chicken. Find my place.

May we all catch our respective chickens in 2017.